About Us

GOAT is truly a direct lens into my deep love of sport and the teams, players, and events that have pieced together its history. As my fanship and perspective have evolved throughout the years, so too has the curation and positioning of our collection. 

Sports have been my life just about as far back as I can remember. The stories they told and the lessons I've learned from them have been invaluable in forming the person I am. Growing up, I enjoyed searching for and collecting pieces (jerseys, tees, bobbleheads, posters, etc.) that I felt helped encapsulate these stories and moments. 

In 2016, while studying at Linfield College (now University) in McMinnville, Oregon, I found myself putting a small batch of my collected jerseys for sale on EBay in hopes of making some fast money. I quickly discovered that I was deeply undervaluing my own collection and that there were many out there who desired these items and valued my ability to curate them. 

Selling online offered the perfect flexibility to work around my tight schedule as a student/athlete and, with that, the bones of what would become G.O.A.T. were put into motion. The income provided from the online business helped to put me through school debt free and I jumped into the opportunity to move to Portland and build GOAT full time upon graduating in spring 2019. 

Our path has not always been linear as I have sought to figure out what I most want GOAT and my life to look like. At different points we have held the largest physical store of our kind in the world as well as one of the top performing vintage clothing stores on all of the online Etsy Global Marketplace. However, none of these models achieved the balance that I felt allowed the business to be the version of itself that I could feel most proud of. 

In search of this exact balance, we have come full circle and moved operations back to where it all began: out in McMinnville, located in the heart of Oregon Wine Country. Our industry leading collection is stronger than ever before and I've never felt better about the direction of the business. 

Browse our curated online offerings or visit our new store in Downtown McMinnville to experience the full expanse of our collection. 

-Grant Blodgette (owner)